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На YouTube выложили 12 тысяч редких концертных выступлений рок-легенд

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На YouTube выложили 12 тысяч редких концертных выступлений рок-легенд
Сайт MusicVault.com, выложил у себя на YouTube-канале 12.000 раритетных видеозаписей концертов - как отдельных песен, так и полноценных выступлений.

Там можно найти лайвы The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Who, AC/DC, R.E.M., Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Korn, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Rammstein, Фрэнка Заппы, Боба Дилана, Джеймса Брауна, Лу Рида (в частности, двухчасовой концерт в нью-йоркском Ритце), Патти Смит, Ареты Франклин и многих других.

Коллекцию Music Vault, ранее насчитывавшую около 1600 записей, удалось расширить благодаря новому контракту с YouTube и рейду по архивам компании Wolfgang's Vault, сайта Daytrotter и журнала Paste.

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elena kozureva 10 июля 2014, 06:47

Maria Vahnina
Urgent! Slavic broke the truth about what is happening in the city.
In Slovyansk going genocide of civilians. Here are details of eyewitnesses.
"Serge is from a friend ... she personally saw ... We went Ukrainian troops in the city, they have information in the militia who caught a woman, a man strapped to their legs and armored personnel carriers Link living area, and then thrown into the bloody car and drove away somewhere. Luda then went to the apartment took six years of a child carried him to the square nailed it to the stand with a sign, well that advertising and he is hilarious until the father did not lead militiamen when they ran his father in front of everyone murdered in saw it Igor and his daughter, the girl was a stressor that she began to stutter, not speak, and her twelve years. Igor gathered in one second daughter and his wife and went to Belgorod. no I did not say the main thing. They do sweep it happens so. Estimate what is being done. comes to apartments, houses, walking with dogs, men whom thirty-five all rastrelivali, without charge or trial. without talking, without asking for Ukraine, or Novorossia them it's not ... Just shoot in front of family . Igor says punishers, he told me and I'm crying and he sobs into the phone. He's in shock. It all happened yesterday and the day before. It turns out that the bombing is more humane than what is happening now in Slavyansk. Just corpses on the streets and houses and apartments lying. Nobody believes does not fix does not collect. "
Please circulate it as widely as possible.
separate request to all who speak foreign languages ​​to translate and distribute resources to those countries whose language you translate the text.

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